Switchfoot-Dare U To Move

Monday, April 16, 2007


Boon & daughter hard @ work with Drumfest!

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Finally after 1 week of banging on my keyboard & trashing my laptop around, i finally got e connection up again.. Aparently, e problem was not w my laptop but e router. *pengz*

Went Genting w my family last week. So nice n cool up there, juz like australia, i wish i was living there. The rainy weather left us spending most of our time in e casino playing slot machine. *Boring* The next morning i bumped into sleepy faced SF Jaslyn! She juz got off the night bus from Singapore. So hard to sleep on e bus. *sheeze* She was there w her family too. Mistook her uncle for her bf. :p
The 2nd day, I saw my cousin Barry, he came up w his gaming friends. They were all below 21yrs, except for my cousin, n tried 2 sneak in 2 e casino unsuccessfully. *haha* Spent 1 night w him playing slots. He won about $1000 on 2cents slot games! *dotz*

Some pics of the place:


Noon view from my room

Rainy day.. The clouds come into e room. lol

The passage way leading from my hotel 2 my cousin's 1. We walked through there around 1am, it's like a scene from a horror show. =X

how did this get in here? :p
so cuteeee..

Went drumbumming e day after i came back. Was stopped by e police, so it'll be on hold for a bit. She was there! :) Tried 2 talk 2 her, but she's still so closed up. Haiz.. Slowly lah.. :)

Played e horseman n forester for our last SF gig, & i played e UDM too. HURRAY!! Knew only half of e UDM part, but thank God i caught it after 3 attempts. It's so fun yet pressurizing, coz e focus is on u during e gig. 100 of eyes watching u perform in glee. 1 goal for the year achieved: to master n play e extended UDM. =D

Monday, March 26, 2007


Today's a hectic day. Woke up @ 11am, packed my bag, rushed 2 e airport 2 welcome Boon back, had lunch w those who came, rushed 4 BS @ SMU, met my parents for dinner, & finally here i am taking a 15min breather b4 i leave.

Bye ppl.. I'm gonna totally disappear! For 5 days anyway. Gotta take a break from everything, clear my mind, spend some time w my family. Much needed vaccation b4 my examz start (haha.. wrong mood :p ).

Was talking with Jo my ZS. Been some time since we could sit down & talk about things other than service, cg & BS. Talked about her wedding preperations, my studies & relationship. Was a little taken aback when she talked about some1 in particular, coz i thought she knew everything tat was going on. Found out that her CG was on sundays, so i was kinda harsh & not understanding towards her. For that i deserve a slap. *SLAP!* It is so easy to get the wrong idea & jump 2 conclusions, especially when there's a lack of communication & we always assume. Have to really work on that aspect. so slap again to me! *SLAP!* Muz get out of this silly spiritual stumbling block. :p

Anyway wanna really focus on my studies right now, do the best I can & do well, after that help the already overworked committee with the drumfest in June. So much to do, cannot get distracted. After that then maybe, juz maybe i'll try to start over again if God allows & she's willing 2 forgive me. Till then, FOCUS!!

Bye all.. *released*

Drum Bum II

Brought the guys Drum Bumming today. Was exciting as many ppl came today & we were more organised. Yesterday only had 6 ppl, all from svc 1 (that really showed the commitment level of the ppl :\ ). Really tired walking around between groups & studying the patterns & way we advertise. Was really happy with today's results. We caught many ppl's attention & the buzz was in the air! Heard "drumfest" being mentioned everywhere i went. Much more planning & coordinating needed. GREAT JOB GUYS!! =D Tired.. Need sleep.. ZZzz..

Oh yah!! Jennifer was quite pissed. One of the performance video was overwritten. Nothing to show boss. *gulp*
Boss coming back tomorrow. Much work to be done. Pray 4 Angela. Tummy getting bigger, Heidi can't wait 4 the arrival of her new sibling. :)


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Impacted Life..

Today was my last day @ work. Spent my last 2 days teaching my replacement what to do. Thank God she's a fast learner. A little worried for her though, it took me 3 weeks 2 get the hang of things, she has 2 be able to catch it within the week, if not Jeremy will have 2 handle 3 person's work. *gulp*

We had lunch @ Vivo Marche! The bill came to $100!! & my supervisor treated me! WoW!! Not only that, he bought me this Star Wars figurine the size of my PlayStation! That muz have cost him a bomb! Not only that, He arranged a position for me in Supply Chain Management. So after my examz I got a job doing supply planning for Fuji Xerox!WoW!! Talk about being blessed.

Looking back I remember the fun times me, Jeremy & our supervisor had. He always looked out for us, treating us to ice-cream & titbits almost every week. His heavy steps & cheerful voice always perks me up. He even went to the trouble of preparing me for the job in SCM & treating me as if I a perm staff & not a temp. I'm really gonna miss him. =( We exchanged no. Gotta keep in touch with him. He gave so much & taught so much, never once expecting anything in return. My 8 months with Fuji Xerox was a wonderful experience. For once I've found that work can be enjoyable, esp if u have the right relationships. :)

Now it is time for me 2 focus on my exams. The lessons I've learned working here & values I've acquired I will not forget. Hopefully in the near future, I will be able to impact the ppl i come to contact with, the same way my supervisor has impacted mine.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Tired? Worned Out?

After what seemed like eternity, I finally had the chance 2 be home before 8pm today. Imagine e shock on my mom's face when i stepped into e house, "your home early.."

Juz days earlier I remembered staying till 8 plus in the office, juz to be able to send files out to my overseas correspondants. That & the nights of gym, practises & studying for my examz have really been eating into my personal time with my family. To top it off, problems with ppl, finances & sleep deprivation has taken a toll on me.

For once it was good to be home early, the cheery faces of my parents also brought calm & peace in my already overstrained & overworked body. The dinner of lamb chops & potatos tasted great, not because of the ingredients that went in, but the love & effort put into preparing it. Our quality time consisted of watching tv together appreciating each others warmth & company. Even though it was a short 2hrs, it was as if we'd been doing this every night. Even after my parents had retired for the night, i spent a good while in front of the tv, appreciating e rest i found at home & the moments of time i have with my parents.

It's at times like these i feel God's presence & love the most. When i'm neck high almost drowning in my activities & problems, He always shows up & says, "hey.. slow down! relax! there's much to do, much 2 achieve, but don't lose sight of the good things I've placed in your life in the process." It's like Mary & Martha in the bible. Mary chose to busy herself with work & serving ppl tat she got burnt out. Martha on the other hand chose to spend time enjoy Jesus presence & His goodness.

In our present day & age, time seem to be speeding up & running out! There's so much to do, so much to accomplish & experience but there's not enough time! More, more, more we want MORE!! To an extent that we forget to aprreciate the important thing that God have given us. Things like rest, family, deeper relationships r thought 2 be less important if not forgotten. What kind of life are we living today? One which we rush through gaining everything but experiencing nothing, or one which is full of experience & understanding.

I believe that God has a plan for all of us & He didn't give us this life juz to work it away. If not He wouldn't have made Eden a beautiful garden. He would have made a factory instead. All that we have; our work, time & experiences, life, are God's gifts to us. We need to strike a balance in all areas. U can't focus on one area & leave the rest out. Coz they all add up 2 what makes us human.

A pic taken from my office overlooking the warfs.
God I'm gonna miss this place. But i thank God that they've confirmed a position for me & i'll be back after my examz which will be in 2 months. =)

Monday, March 19, 2007


Watched 300 e other day. Awesome show!! Apart from e hug biceps & 6 packs which I'd been trying so hard 2 achieve, e values & beliefs of e king of Sparta impressed much on me.

How many of us know why & wat r we living for? R there things & values which we r willing 2 die for? Even if none go with us or see wat we r trying 2 accomplish, will we still fight on by ourselves? Many of us these days r too easily affected by wat ppl say & do tat they give up too easily. I too amguilty @ tat too sometimes. When I wanna achieve something, but ppl don't seem 2 catch e vision, I get frustrated easily. Hmmm... Something I have 2 work on 2 improve my character.

Went 2 Orchard & Bugis today 2 do some street marketing 4 e up & coming Drumfest. Realised it is so difficult 2 coordinate 30 ppl. God plz give me a bigger capacity. Was really disappointed too coz there was supposed 2 b much more, but they backed out last min; some had genuine reasons, some were childish excuses. Was affected by 1 person in particular, coz i expected her 2 be more matured than tat. How disappointing. But alas, who am I 2 judge or say such things, it was even wrong 4 me 2 have soo much discontent over such a petty thing i almost jeapardized e whole exercise. Have much 2 learn 2 control my emotions & I believe e more I work w ppl, e better God will make me 2 be. Sure I'll make a lot of mistakes along e way, it's part of improving one's self, if u can't take it, too bad for you. :p Had a tough time briefing Jennifer on wat we achieved today, but learned a few valuable lessons: be flexable, be sharp, know wat's going on @ all times. Wish my examz were over, then I can help out more in planning, but lo they r only less than a month away. *shivers*

Well everybody has his time. In God all things r beautiful & will fall in place. Focus on examz now. Chiong drumfest after examz. Can't wait 4 it... =D

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Confused? Leave me a note.. =p

Someone juz asked me how come I've not updated my blog. Answer: If it ain't nothing nice, don't blog it. lol Don't complain for others to read, write positive & u'll live positive. =)

Going through some tough times. Studying n working is not easy. When u focus on 1, th eother suffers. Examz coming in May. Going to stop work soon. But no work= no money, & financial situation @ home is going into danger zone soon. So much 2 weigh. On 1 hand have 2 provide, on the other have 2 excell in my studies. *haiz*

Was feeling rather empty too. Was wondering y i'm notexperiencing e breakthrough I need. Something someone said keeps ringing in my head:" don't always take God's Word n twist it for your own benefit!"
That really stunned me a lot & it haunted me for months, & honestly those were hard words which hurt me a lot. But it got me thinking & seeking the answer to an important question. Wat is a balanced doctrine? On 1 hand God says "I'll give u the desires of ur heart", on the other hand He says "u ask n have not received because u ask amiss". On 1 hand He says "U r a conquerer", on the other He says "this n much more u will have with tribulation". Tried 2 talk 2 someone i thought i could turn 2 for help n council, but alas when i opened up 2 her she could not provide me with wanted i needed to know.

Almost reached an emotional breakdown.
Decided to fast n pray. Cried out 2 God n humbled myself n God heard my cries.

Went for prayer meeting after work. N there i found the presence of God. As we praised n worship i knew a breakthrough was happening, a renewing of my mind was taking place. As pastor Kong shared w us n i heard Sun's songs, i knew God was speaking to me, tat He knows wat I am going through n He is always there. All answers 2 my questions became suddenly so clear.

God gives us His Word n promises. Sometimes tat word is only 4 us, n others will not understand it. Coz tat Word n promise was not meant 4 them. But when the Word n promise comes 2 pass, then they will understand.

God wants 2 give us the desires of our heart, but sometimes the way we ask for it is like tat of a spoilt child- "the give me!" attitude. So instead of getting the blessings of God which He intended 4 us, we get His restraints n disciplines us like a good parent would.

God has indeed made us conquerers. But 2 conquer means 2 fight n take dominion over. Therefore there is no such thing as a easy victory. It's through battles won n lost we learn character n values, we learn wat it means 2 love n treasure.

Most importantly I learned that when things r not going the way I want it, I should run 2 God n not away from Him. Running into HIS arms is better than running into bigger troubles. So although I do not see the promises coming to past yet, I will do my best with wat is given 2 me now n continue 2 trust the promisor.